ТВ-программа "English Club TV"

01:00This day in history
01:10Labour of love
01:25What did they say
01:30What did they say
01:35What did they say
01:40Keep fit
02:00Human planet
03:00Grammar wise
03:25English up
03:35English up
03:45English up
04:00The next three days
06:00ECTV extreme
06:20English in focus
06:30English 911
06:35English 911
06:40English 911
07:00Art land
07:05Art land
07:10Crafty hands
07:30Once upon a time
07:40Words to grow
07:45Words to grow
07:50Magic science
08:05Yummy for mummy
08:20Yummy for mummy
08:35Kids in action
08:40Kids in action
08:45My little world
08:50My little world
09:00City grammar
09:10Basic lexis
09:20Basic lexis
09:30Step by step
09:35Step by step
09:40Step by step
09:45Step by step
09:50Step by step
09:55Step by step
10:00Film set
10:15Film set
10:30Film set
10:45Film set
10:55Euronews. Futuris
11:00Weather forecast
11:05This day in history
11:15Let's talk
11:30English in focus
11:40English 911
11:45English 911
11:50English 911
12:00Spot on the map
12:10Spot on the map
12:20Worth seeing
12:30Worth seeing
12:40National parks
12:50National parks
13:00Art land
13:05Art land
13:10Crafty hands
13:30Once upon a time
13:40Words to grow
13:45Words to grow
13:50Magic science
14:05Yummy for mummy
14:20Yummy for mummy
14:35Kids in action
14:40Kids in action
14:45My little world
14:50My little world
15:00Mojo morning
15:15All about
15:20All about
15:25All about
15:30Here and there
15:40Here and there
15:50Euronews. Smart regions
16:00ECTV extreme
16:20English in focus
16:30English 911
16:35English 911
16:40English 911
17:00This day in history
17:25English 911
17:30English 911
17:35English 911
18:00Grammar wise
18:25English in focus
18:35English in focus
18:45English in focus
19:00Human planet
20:00Spot on the map
20:10Spot on the map
20:20Worth seeing
20:30Worth seeing
20:40National parks
20:50National parks
21:00City grammar
21:10Basic lexis
21:20Basic lexis
21:30Step by step
21:35Step by step
21:40Step by step
21:45Step by step
21:50Step by step
21:55Step by step
22:00Weather forecast
22:05This day in history
22:15Let's talk
22:30English in focus
22:40English 911
22:45English 911
22:50English 911
23:00Lost in translation